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We have received so many heartfelt notes from our past clients and friends throughout the Roanoke and surrounding communities. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have reached this milestone and have continued success. It is because of each you that we are able to make this happen.

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Theo said

Look what I stumbled across...don't know how old or new this 35th yeawr is, but I'll say happy b'day, too the hat!

Judy said

CONGRATULATIONS! I remember when you were not so sure this was the step to take. So glad you did

David said

Congratulations on this milestone. Keep up the good work!

Greg said

Haapy 35th birthday!!! Well deserved.

Carrie said

Wishing you a Happy Birthday, Building Specialists and Bob. Looking forward to working with you in 2011!! Carrie and Bill

Thomas said

Hey Guys, just a note to wish you season's greetings and a prosperous new year. Take care enjoy the holidays and we will see you on the other side ringing in 2011, wow how time flies!!! I imagine 35 years seems like yesterday.

Debbie said

Happy Birthday to Bob and all those who makes his business a success!! Bob, I remember the first time I met you was at an AGC meeting in 1989. I had brought Dad with me and you were so kind to him to tell him what a great company and success he was with Concrete Ready Mixed and Castle SandsCo.! Ever since that meeting he always remembered your name and asked if we were taking care of you.............believe me that was an accomplishment because he was always having trouble remembering even his kids names back then. I had to assure him you were being taken care of. So, since Dad is no longer here, and I am sure he would concur me, let me say what a great company you have grown and you should be so proud!! I had the privilege of seeing first hand the work BSI does with the addition to my home in 1993 and it was exceptional!! I still miss that room!! And, then the work BSI did to our office on Grandin Road.....WOW that place looked great once BSI put their magic touch on it....all the way to the attic!! You have been a great customer to work with over the years and a great friend to me and my family. I wish you all the best..........and Happy Birthday.....I hope you have many, many more! Debbie

Bill said

Happy Birthday, Bill Blaylock

Anne said

Bob, wishing you and your staff "Happy 35th birthday year". It is hard to believe its been 35 years, especially since you don't look more then 35!! Wishing you another 35 years!!

Sally said

Congratulations, Bob! Can you be that "OLD"!

Virginia said

Happy Birthday!

Linda J. said

Happy 35th Birthday to all the folks at Building Specialists! Bob, your team has enabled many people in our wonderful valley to see their dreams materialize before their very eyes! When you really think about it, that's no small feat! You are always professional in all aspects of any project you undertake, and you have such a heart for your work and for the people you work for. I am honored to know you Bob, and to have you and your team available to refer people your way is a pleasure indeed. My very best wishes to you for another fine year! Linda J. Danielle, Transitions Consulting, Inc.

Janie said

Happy 35th and may there be as many more. Transitions Consulting Inc (Linda Danielle and Janie Meggers) love working with Bob Fetzer and his fabulous staff at Building Specialists. We consider them friends as well as community partners. Anytime we have a need for one our clients--the BSIVA staff is soooo responsive and helpful. We appreciate you more than we can say!

Lil said

Congratulations for 35 years of phenomenal service and sincere committment to the well-being of the citizens of the Roanoke Valley Area.. Wishes for many more years of success are extended to you. as you continue to make a difference in your community

Nathan said

Happy Birthday BSI !! Thank you for the business over the years.Wishing you another 35 plus. From, Bowman s Woodworking Inc.

Jeffrey said

Hi Bob, Congratulations on 35 years of business - your firm has been the benchmark for quality construction in the Roanoke Valley since I came to town in 1994. It seems like the blink of an eye.... but when I think about what Roanoke looked like in 1975 ??? -- before Center in the Square/ no Market Building Food Court... and Route 220 South was a two lane road to Boones Mill.

Renee said

Wishing you a Happy Birthday for your 35 years of service to the Roanoke Valley, New River Valley and Central VA! Jarrett Electric Company, Inc.

Rose said

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

Libba said

35 years is a long time for someone who looks as young as you do, Bob. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Libba and Barry P.S. Didn't fill out my address info. Figure you know where we are (and how much we love it here.)

Vickie said

Bob Happy 35th Anniversary! Not only do you enjoy a wonderful business reputation but you and Building Specialist are outstanding community citizens. It is a pleasure for me to call you a client but more importantly a friend. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!! Vickie

Michael said

To everyone at Buidling Specialists, you are a pleasure to work with and for. Congratulations on achieving this wonderful milestone! Best wishes for your continued success. Michael

Shannon said


Rick said


Richard said

Thirty-five years, Bob! That's amazing. You must have started the company when you were 12.

Gayle said

Creative ideas like this will give you many more years of success. Congratulations.

Cal said

Hey Bob! Congratulations on a very special birthday for your company. You must be very proud of the impact you and your employees have made on the Roanoke Valley. My best, Cal

Todd said

Happy "birthday" guys do outstanding work and it make our community a better, more functional place. I also want to express my appreciation for the work you do with many community organizations.

Ferne said

Happy Birthday Bob and Company! It's been a pleasure working with your on our exciting Village Center project. Hope you have a joyous holiday season. Regards, Ferne

Kathy said

Happy Birthday, Building Specialists! We are proud to have your touch on the Grandin Theatre!

Terry said

Happy Birthday. I know it hasn't worked out yet but I have not given up on my windows. Also thanks for all the support you have given throughout the community over the years Terry & Carolyn

Carol said

Looking forward to working with you on our project! Merry Christmas!

Tom said

Bob, I am PRESUMING that you already qualify for membership in Jack Benny's "Thirty Nine Forever and Holding Club" so I will put you in for joining!!! Its amazing how all us Boomers are already included !!! Hope business is holding steady for you and the New Year will be a gang buster. Tom Goodwin

Cathy said

Happy ??? Birthday Bob and Happy 35th Birthday to Building Specialists. You have much to be proud of and to celebrate. My wish for you Bob, is to always be surrounded by your faithful and loyal employees and wonderful friends. My very best wishes for continued good health and success!! Cathy Carr

Ben said

Congratulations on 35 years of excellent work! It's quite an accomplishment and I wish you and BSI many more years of continued success.

Heather said

LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the Christmas card!!! I must say that I have the cutest dad in all the world!!! Happy 35th Birthday Dad!!! You make me so very proud!! Your ability to wear so many different hats as well as doing such a good job in all areas is astounding to me. WAY TO GO on 35 years!! Congratulations!! I love you!!!

Sean said

Congratulations on 35 years!

Brett said

Congratulations on constructing an excellent history. Happy Birthday!

Harlen said

Congratulations on 35 successful years!

Vicki said

Happy 35th birthday to Building Specialists (the premier general contractor in Roanoke)! I may be biased, but you have the best administrative coordinator in town!

Lora said

Happy birthday Bob! Congrats on your success. I hope we work together again soon and of course, hope you will join us for the ice cream or cupcake celebration if we win! Lora

Laney said

Thanks for your work and your friendship! Happy 35th!

Connie said

Bob - congratulations to and your staff on 35 years of successful building! We are one of your fortunate customers and hope you enjoy many, many more years serving our community. Happy Birthday

Stefanie said

Happy Birthday Building Specialist~

Ginny said

35 Big Ones -- Oh my gosh where does the time go? Here's wishing Bob and Building Specialists many more successful years. Congratulations and Happy Holidays. Ginny Trout

Hilda said

Happy 35th year in business! After having major renovations made in two different homes--I understand just why you remain in business and maintain your excellent reputation. Each home, with very different architecture, was carefully designed and constructed perfectly. Gary,the project supervisor was always approachable and in both instances the construction was without major issues. Thanks to Jennifer for making sure everything was done according to plan. I thank you for making my homes wonderful places to live.

Cathy said

Birthday Wishes for BS and especially Bob! You all always make me smile, cool idea, hope I win! Cathy Hurst

Pam said

Happy birthday to a troop of wonderful builders. If I win, I'll share! Pam Ogden

Carole said

You all have been great to work with both in my home and my condo. Keep Roanoke proud for another 35! Carole Lougheed

Belle said

tried twice to say how much we enjoy the fruits of your labor every day--worth all the migraines! hope it goes through this time!

Linda said

Happy Birthday Building Specialists! Thank you, Bob, for being "Mr. Downtown Roanoke", and supporting Children's Miracle Network, Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital, and so many other charities in Roanoke. I like the elf hat the best. Linda

Lisa said

Dear Bob, Congratulations and best wishes on your 35th birthday. We hope that the new year brings you much success and happiness. Merry Christmas! Lisa and Rich Bond

Carolyn said

Love the Celebrating 35 years card! "Bob the Builder" never looked better. Congratulations on 35 years of excellent work!